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Trigg Trikes are an affordable alternative to a full Trike conversion. I consider them to be the highest quality and best value in the so-called “Training Wheel” style of Trike kits. With 15” wheels and a sturdy frame you can have your Trike but keep your 2 wheel scoot to change back to whenever you’d like. Check them out and see if you don’t agree.

Champion makes a full line of kits for Harley Davidsons’ and the larger Honda models. They also have kits for Kawasaki and Yamaha. With the exception of the Sportster and Dyna models, all their Trikes are full body units with enclosed wheels and large trunks.They are very stylish units that are well designed, sturdy kits that have plenty of storage. Go to their website to see all the models and options like reverse gear, easy steer and running boards. Design your’s online and I’ll build it for you.

Frankenstein Trikes are the top of the line fenders’ only style of kits. They are full conversion units with a sportier, cleaner look. They are high quality with unbelievable fit & finish and there are kits for all Harley models and most model years, even back to a 1957 Sportster! I really love these kits, they’re even fun for me to build. If you like this style of Trike these are the units for you. Give me a call and let’s get started on building yours!


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