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That means different things to different people. Do you want to go fast? Or is low end torque what your looking for?.Top end power to pass someone on the freeway. How about mid range  horsepower and torque where you spend most of your time while riding. Do you do a lot of two-up riding, take long trips loaded down with your “stuff”, or pull a trailer? Maybe you just want improved fuel economy and a cooler running engine.  What you feel you need is what we’ll make happen for you here at JnJ. We can increase the cubic inches of your engine, modify your intake and exhaust systems, and change your cams to suit you needs. Maybe all you want is a fuel management system to get more out of what you already have. Just tell us your goals and we can advise you on how to get there. Give us a call.      

Now with these bikes it’s a whole different ball game. Big cubic inch engines w/ high compression pistons, high lobe race cams all set up to get the ice cream home before it melts. Monster go-fast stuff but not much good around town. But, if you have a need for speed we can make that happen!

These units are best served by improving low to mid-range power do to the increased weight and wind resistance. The last thing you need here is a big  race cam and high compression pistons. Design your powertrain for the way you ride.

No matter how you decide to set-up your ride we will only use the highest quality parts at the best prices we can find.


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