Always Remember, Chrome Won’t Get You Home !!!

Take Care of Your Ride and It Will Take Care of You

Don’t you just hate this when it happens. Sooner or later we all end up here, stuff wears out or breaks and you find yourself sitting on the side of the road. Belts and chains can fail, electrical Gremlins pay you a visit, and things poke holes in our tires. It’s all part of our lifestyle of “playing in traffic”. Most of the rest of the things that go wrong can be avoided with proper maintenance and paying attention to your bike while riding or cleaning it. Do you hear a funny noise going down the road, or something clinks or moves when your wiping your baby down? If you look into the little things when you find them then hopefully, you can fix them before they become big things that put your scoot on the trailer.

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This is the only oil we stock here at JnJ. By far the finest V-Twin motor oil available today. It’s the ONLY oil that should ever be used in your crankcase. On the way home from your first fill-up you will notice the engine is quieter, smoother and cooler. Good stuff Maynerd !!

 Taking care of routine and scheduled maintenance is the most important part of what we do here at JnJ. Yes we can rebuild your engine or clutch or transmission if need be, but keeping up with the 5 and 10K services can help keep those really bad things from happening. By using high quality lubricants in the drivetrain, keeping cables and the like properly adjusted and lubed extend the life of these parts and  keeps you out on the road. Don’t neglect your tires either, they are your only contact with reality on the road. If they’re worn out or under inflated they could fail at any time putting you into a bad situation. Don’t let these things happen to you do to improper maintenance, oil and tires are cheap, failure on the road is not. Check your fluid  levels and tire pressure often to minimize the chances of your bike not bringing you home. Come in to see us and we’ll make sure everything is well taken care of.

They only oil filters we use and the air filters we recommend to all our customers

Ignition products you can count on,we do. Coils, Spark Plugs, and Wires for every application

Our  oil of choice for Forks and Shocks

Absolutely the best at keeping the inside stuff in and the outside stuff out.

Nitrogen tire inflation and Dyna Bead wheel balancing. More stable pressures, better wear and increased tire life.

Stonewall, Louisiana

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